Currently Our Services Available in Noida & East Delhi
Working Hour: Monday - Sunday (8AM - 8PM)

About us

Situated at the core of Delhi/NCR, we offer Door-to-Door waste paper pick-up Services. Passing through a revolutionary phase of New era, New India , Clean India we are stepping ahead to save our environment and lead to a healthy and happy living. We help you manage your waste paper effectively and at the same time use it for serving a better purpose, rather than throwing it away. Currently we are offering services in Noida & East Delhi. Since We Start Operation From 2015 Till Date we Recycle 4000 Tone Waste Paper & Recyclable Waste.

Our Vision

  • Objective – Green Harmony - Lets Recycle, Lets Save
  • Vision – Save Paper, Save Environment, SaveTree
  • Mission – Lets help the environment grow